Thursday, June 10, 2010

Winners, Sinners (and Dinners)

Thank God the primary elections are over! If I heard one more negative Meg vs. Steve ad, I was going to start pulling my hair out! And, I have a lot of hair. And let's not talk about the "Demon Sheep" ad, run by Carly Fiorina. That gave me nightmares for weeks!

What a buys elections! Who would've thought? (yes, I'm being snarky). I'll refrain from riffing on Meg again, for her absenteeism from voting, for the past 20+ years. I said my piece on that subject in my post, "By the Numbers". But I am just dumbfounded with the gullibility of voters; don't they see that, by incessant propaganda (ie; 80$ million in negative advertising), they allowed themselves to be hypnotized into voting for the most familiar name? I guess, if one is repetitive enough, even with blatant fibs, people will join the bandwagon. That's what Fox "News" does daily. Say it enough, no matter how wrong or absurd, and people will buy it...eventually. It's called propaganda, folks. Little sheep being led to slaughter...

I love the ladies. You know my devotion to my mama, grandma and sister, Bella. But the ladies who won the California primaries baffle me. I am all for women gaining political power, but what does it say about the electorate, that women like Meg and Carly won the primaries?

I believe, the reason they prevailed, is the bourgeois's fixation on wealth; the wealth they don't have, but aspire to attain. Both of these women vow to cut state jobs, and have no appreciation of work that better's our community (and many state jobs are to serve that purpose). The only occupations that these females respect, are those that earn great profits, not those that better society. Sadly, in my opinion, some of the general public applaud this stance. It's the corporatocracy of the electorate. Profits over people.Carly holds great disdain for low-wage earners. She made that clear when CEO of HP and she outsourced close to 30,000, lower-level, U.S. -based jobs to India and South America. And she's pandering fear to the electorate, that illegal immigrants are taking our jobs? Carly doesn't care about jobs for American citizens, if her bottom line can profit by overseas outsourcing. Is this canine the only one who sees the disconnect here?

I'm not saying that someone with the background of a CEO would not make a good public officer, but the voters really need to take a closer look at their actions and attitudes as CEO. A respectable CEO, and now Senatorial candidate, would not cattily bad mouth an opponent's hairstyle while on camera with a mic on her lapel.

I implore you, voters, to use your God-given cranial synapses before casting your final votes in November. You are not sheep, nor is this canine. Now, on to more important things: dinner!

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