Friday, July 23, 2010

Berryhill's Bloopers - Funny Money Shuffle

Berryhill's Bloopers - Funny Money Shuffle
Berryhill shuffling own cash in, out of war chest
"WASHINGTON -- Republican congressional candidate Michael Berryhill keeps cycling his own money in and out of his uphill campaign...

Berryhill has not fared well in raising money from others, newly filed campaign statements show.  The former Turlock Irrigation District and Ceres school board member reported raising only $11,555 from May 20 to June 30...

Although Berryhill has failed to connect with outside donors, he has been aggressive in shifting around his own money.  His timing appears to be tactical, pegged to campaign reporting deadlines.

On March 30, records show, Berryhill loaned his campaign $225,000. The loan came on the second-to-last day of a reporting period and enabled his campaign to report having cash on hand.  Five days later, after the reporting deadline passed, the campaign repaid Berryhill.
On May 19, the last day of the next reporting period, records show Berryhill again loaned his campaign $225,000. Again, the loan enabled his campaign to report having cash on hand.  Two days later, after the reporting deadline passed, the campaign paid back Berryhill.
One June 28, two days before the conclusion of the most recent reporting period, Berryhill loaned his campaign $125,000.  The stated due date was June 28, the same day as the loan itself, although no payment had been made by the time the reporting period ended June 30."
-Published Sunday, July 18, 2010 - The Modesto Bee

Official Federal Election Commission Reports show Mike Berryhill recently lent his campaign an additional $140,000.00, and paid himself back an additional $225,000.00.  Berryhill continues his bizarre campaign financing patterns of loaning his campaign hundreds of thousands of dollars, and then paying himself back in the next reporting period.  In the last 12 months, Berryhill has loaned his committee $710,000.00 and has paid himself back $470,000.00.  He still owes himself $240,000.00

What does this mean?  Berryhill has raised a total of $49,667.00 from sources other than his personal loans.
Here is a breakdown:
$710,000.00   Income (Berryhill personal loans)
$49,667.00     Income (donations)
$470,000.00   Berryhill loan repayments
$240,000.00   Still owed to Berryhill

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Good Guys and Bad Guys

Meg Whitman is trying to paint Jerry Brown as a bad guy... interesting!

One of these two made millions from Wall Street insider deals and the other went to India to wash the poor with Mother Theresa... is it really all that difficult to figure out which is which?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Solar Turlock

The University of California in San Diego uses solar panels to shade parking lots.
What are the possibilities for Turlock?

Imagine each of our city parking lots with shade covers that protect our cars from summer sun and winter rain. And each of these protective covers also generates electricity that we sell, thus providing an income stream for our community.
What other possibilities?
We could work together so that future parking lots of new businesses and even existing businesses use these “Solar Trees” for shade as well. Can you imagine the parking lots of the Big Box Stores on Country Side Drive as shaded Solar money makers shared by the businesses and the city?
Now imagine most the cities of the Valley doing the same thing. That’s a lot of solar panels. Part of the whole project should be the recruitment or outright creation of a solar panel manufacturing plant in Turlock. We the people of Turlock will benefit from the shaded parking lots, and from the sale of the electricity, and from the sales tax from the sale of the panels, and most of all from the creation of jobs in the solar panel manufacturing plant. Also the reputation of Turlock as a forward looking, and creative city could bring even more jobs in other industries as companies look for new locations for future expansion.
With local advancements like High Speed Rail and Alternative Energy industries the future is waiting for the firm grasp of leadership in Turlock. While some people look backwards and want only to cut services and fire workers we could instead have leaders who look forward and take action.

Dale Parkinson

Friday, July 9, 2010

Don't Vote for the Arsonists

Just submitted this to newspapers in Modesto, Turlock and Merced. Let's see your letters. Come on, we can all submit a letter on one thing or another. The point is to keep 'em flowing.

Dear Editor,

The Republicans under Bush/Cheney set America's economic house on fire.
Then when the fire fighters arrived the Republicans voted NO on helping in any way.
Then as the fire was being fought they complained the fire fighters were too slow.
And finally, now the Republicans blame the fire fighters for starting the fire.
Come November don't vote to put the arsonists in charge of your house again!

Dale Parkinson
Turlock CA

Time to write your Letter to the Editor

Several good points here that could be used for the Letter to the Editor that you want to submit to your local newspaper. Yeah, yeah... so I'm pushy... :-)

Remember the newspaper wants it brief and to the point so just cover one or two points about why you favor your candidate or oppose your candidate's opponent.

For some ideas on Fiorina and Boxer click here.