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Modesto Mayoral Election: Vote Smart - Vote Marsh Letter's to the Editor Modesto Bee

by Patty Hughes
The Central Valley's Political News Source

Setting the record straight is of major importance at election time. The contentious run-off race between Modesto City Council members, Garrad Marsh and Brad Hawn, has been a walk through muddy water for some voters.
Hawn accused by many of making false statements in his mailers: brandishing Garrad Marsh as a "Village 1 developer" so often that Hawn just may believe his statements are true; Marsh contends they are far from fact!

Some candidates are so desperate to win they will stoop to new lows to secure a vote. Who wins? Informed voters. Who loses? The candidate that is disingenuous, those voters who believe them and their community.

Just a reminder to vote smart for your future.

Last day to get your ballots in to be counted is February 7, 2012.

Letters to the Editor

Question about Hawn supporter

I found a old article in the Internet stating that a Bill Zoslocki was also a developer in the Village I project many years ago, and I think this may be the same Bill Zoslocki that endorsed Brad Hawn for mayor. If Hawn is so upset about Garrad Marsh being involved in Village I, is he as upset with Zoslocki for also being a developer in the same project? And I wonder who is on the list of Hawn's campaign donors?


Owned by developers
Looking at the mailers, it appears that Brad Hawn is outspending Garrad Marsh by 3 to 1. These are color printings, front and back, on clay finished cardstock. They don't get costlier than that. Now, Hawn says he is a small businessman, so I wonder where he gets the money for such extravagance?

According to The Bee, Hawn is funded primarily by developers. Brad wants us to know that Garrad worked with developers 20 years ago. This makes Marsh a developer, so we should vote for Hawn, a small businessman "standing up to special interests."

Sadly, it appears that Hawn has chosen the role of slimy politician, playing fast and loose with the truth. As first presented, Village I was a very attractive package, only becoming a nightmare later. Hawn claims to stand up to the "special interests." I wonder how he plans to stand up to his owners?


Zoslocki endorsement not persuasive
I am voting Garrad Marsh for mayor. While I have admired some of Brad Hawn's use of ultramarine violet in his paintings, I feel Marsh is more capable, transparent when it comes to setting the city's budget as mayor.

As someone once in the construction and development industry in our area, I discount the endorsement of Bill Zoslocki for Hawn, in the same way I didn't feel his candidacy of much service in the earlier election, where I voted for Marsh, but would have placed Hawn ahead of the third place finisher

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Hawn takes money from developers
I just received mailers from Brad Hawn. The pure fabrications in these mailers are appalling. The pension reform measures he authored cost the city thousands of dollar to put on the ballot and cannot be implemented without union negotiation.
As the mailer states, it is true Hawn will not accept donations from any employee unions. He won't be offered any. He is not a developer, but has accepted thousands of dollars from those developers and has worked directly for them.
Hawn accuses Marsh of being a developer behind many Village I subdivisions. The only truth to that is Marsh owns several lots surrounding his home in Village I. The only person on the mayoral ballot to make hundreds of thousands of dollars from Village I is Hawn, who works directly for and whose campaign is directly financed by developers and land speculators.


Hawn voted for union contracts
I read with interest The Bee's endorsement article of Garrad Marsh for mayor. It was particularly interesting to note that Brad Hawn had voted to implement every salary and benefits package brought before him concerning public safety employees...until those said employees announced their endorsement of Garrad Marsh for mayor. Suddenly at the last possible moment he proposes ballot initiatives that while not only terribly expensive were already being resolved at the bargaining table.
Then to send out a completely misleading and erroneous mailer to coincide with the mail ballots going out shows politics as usual and politics at its worst. Please vote for the only ethical candidate, Marsh.


Attacks on Marsh were vicious
Bill Zoslocki's and Brad Hawn's attacks on Garrad Marsh (Valley Citizen online, Jan. 13) are vicious and false. At its inception, Village I land was considered marginal for growing crops (Modesto Bee, Jan. 14). Marsh invested in 25 acres, worked on annexation, sold 18 acres, moved his existing home on one lot and gifted the rest to his children (Valley Citizen online, Jan. 13). Marsh has been consistent in preserving farm land and promoting smart growth within city limits, utilizing existing sites for new businesses.

Additionally, Marsh supports pension reform, having developed his own plan. He demonstrated fiscal integrity and responsibility in opposing Hawn's expensive ballot measures as an unnecessary expenditure of public funds.

A vote for Marsh supports clean, fiscally responsible government!


She asked questions and was cut off
I was shocked to discover that Brad Hawn has blocked me from his Brad Hawn for Mayor Facebook page. I had written a few posts on there, the latest being in response to a question he posed regarding pension reform. However, he obviously did not like what I had to say and quickly deleted my questions and comments.
My concerns were valid as a taxpayer of this city. He never answered my questions, but simply deleted them as if I do not exist. Then blocked me from his page. That is not a quality I want in a leader. As a citizen of Modesto, I want a mayor who welcomes discussion and other viewpoints and who will answer the tough questions instead of pretending they don't exist.

Mr. Hawn, if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!


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Dignity, transparency
In my nearly 40 years observing local politics in Modesto, I rarely support a candidate publicly. However, this year I am an active volunteer for Garrad Marsh for mayor. His campaign has been run with dignity and transparency. He has been an effective city councilman and a respected small businessman. His written pledge to the people is his promise to the citizens of an open government. He can be held accountable.

When I walk door to door, I reassure the voters of my trust in him.

Stamp out sprawl: Vote Marsh
Do we want to live in another San Jose, where all of the farmland has become sprawling subdivisions with all of the problems it brings? The Stamp Out Sprawl measure of 2007 passed with more than 65 percent of voters emphatically saving "No, we don't."
No way.
Do we want to have a mayor that took $15,000 from a developer? Brad Hawn! Do we want to have a mayor that is heavily backed by developers, Mike Zagaris or the Building Industry Association's past president? No way.We need to elect Garrad Marsh, co-writer of the Stamp Out Sprawl measure and long-time supporter of protecting our agricultural heritage. His main campaign theme is "build Modesto up, not out," using underutilized land within the city limits and protecting farmland. We need Marsh's vision for the best future of our region.

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