Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mike Berryhill missed work again today...

Mike Berryhill missed work again today...
Career politician Mike Berryhill began his 26 years of service on the Turlock Irrigation District with a promise that he would "devote whatever time is required..." to the work of the board of directors (January 31, 1983 letter from Michael Berryhill to TID board seeking appointment to a vacant seat).  He broke his promise right away.  In his FIRST year, Berryhill had the second worst attendance record on the board!  It was the initial, but not the last, sign of his lackadaisical approach to governing board responsibilities.

Berryhill had the WORST attendance record (calculated as combined absences and tardies from the official minutes of Turlock Irrigation District Board meetings) in 14 of his 26 years.  That's 54% of his years on the board.

In all but four years, Berryhill had the worst or second worst attendance record, or 84.6%.

Many boards and commissions pay members a stipend for attending meetings.  The Turlock Irrigation District doesn't do this.  TID gives its directors a flat monthly salary.  It doesn't matter if they go to the meetings, show up late, or miss them entirely - THEY STILL GET PAID!  Berryhill showed up and voted for the latest director salary increase (up 67% to $1,000.00 per month - TID Ordinance 99-1, March 2, 1999).  That was one meeting he didn't miss!

Berryhill had a lousy attendance record, however, he still voted to give himself a raise!

NOTE:  Before his service on the Turlock Irrigation District, Berryhill served as an elected trustee on the Ceres Unified School District.  For comparison purposes, we would like to give you Berryhill's official attendance record for that time as well, but we can't.  The school district's records for the years Berryhill served were destroyed in a fire.  So we don't know if his participation in these elective offices improved, or worsened.

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