Saturday, June 26, 2010

To the "Gate keepers of public information"

Sarah Palin comes to Turlock.
Lots of news stories about event itself inside and out, and brief descriptions of what she said with quotes from the lighthearted quips in her introductory remarks. But insufficient reporting on the serious main portion of her speech. That was what she was paid so much for wasn't it? Seventy five thousand dollars for her wisdom and instruction. What was the meaning of her rambling disjointed series of quotations and commentary? A news organization should have the courage to run an analysis of the quality of her arguments and the skill of her presentation in a boxed editorial next to the straight news story. It's not enough to present a video replay. You are the "gatekeeper" of public information. Present your analysis.
I think you are afraid to say "the Empress has no sense."

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