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A Democratic Voice: Those Wacky Primary Voters -

"Missouri Republicans have just nominated a Senate candidate who appears to believe that the government's college student loan program is the equivalent of Stage 3 cancer. Actually, he said 'the Stage 3 cancer of socialism,' which is perhaps not the exact same thing. But I believe you get the idea."

A Democratic Voice: Those Wacky Primary Voters -

Let's Talk About Cereal, Pizza and Voter ID Laws

Let's Talk About Cereal, Pizza and Voter ID Laws

Friday, August 3, 2012

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Swing state poll: Romney still struggling to convince voters he cares - The Washington Post

A major factor in Presidential elections is likability/popularity... in almost every election the candidate who is most popular wins. That's why "character matters" is always an issue. People just don't study policy and decide who to vote for.

Swing state poll: Romney still struggling to convince voters he cares - The Washington Post


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Polls Give Obama Edge in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida -

Three months to go... I figured Florida for Mitt , Pennsylvania for O, and Ohio on the knife's edge.
This is good news. I look for Virginia to stay with O as well.
Pray for a decent jobs report and for confidence in Spain's economy to rise.
Polls Give Obama Edge in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida -

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


A political "farm team" is a Party's system of local office holders and party staffers who are given the opportunity to gain the experience of governing and to campaign for election at a higher office level. In Stanislaus County both parties have such farm teams but the GOP seems to me to be better organized to move their farm team up to the big leagues of governing. Steve Nascimento was a congressional staffer and is now running for Turlock city council; Anthony Cannella was Ceres mayor and was elected to State Senate; Jeff Denham was State Senator and was elected to Congress.
The Democratic Party of Stanislaus County can be more efficient and effective in considering, recruiting, running, and electing Democrats. Our organisation has room for improvement and we all have a responsibility to make this happen on a year round basis. Electing people with strong Democratic values to local offices should be a focus every year. Are you ready to help?

Republicans indulge the party's extreme members too much

Rep. Hanna: Fellow Republicans indulge the party's extreme members too much |

Monday, July 30, 2012

Clinton slams House GOP letter suggesting aide has Islamist ties - The Hill's Global Affairs

Wouldn't it be great if Hillary resigned just before a surprise appearance at the convention instead of next year so she do some Fall campaigning.  It would certainly help the President and the Party and in a race this close might make the difference.

Clinton slams House GOP letter suggesting aide has Islamist ties - The Hill's Global Affairs

Obama saves Chrysler and it earns $436 million in second quarter - The Hill's Transportation Report

From McConnell to Limbaugh to Romney it's been clear that the GOP has been working (or not working) so that America would fail and blame the President, hoping that would give them the election. They wanted the American car industry destroyed but President Obama saved the day without the GOP. Here is more proof:

Chrysler earns $436 million in second quarter - The Hill's Transportation Report

CDP election results for Membership on DNC

Thursday, April 12, 2012



Modesto, CA – This morning the Jose Hernandez for Congress campaign announced that they have raised over $310,000 in the first quarter of 2012. This is a strong upswing from the amount the campaign raised in the fourth quarter of 2011. The $310,000 the campaign received was from more than 2,800 contributions.

This announcement comes on the heels of the campaign receiving the endorsement of the Latino Community Roundtable following their forum on April 11th.

“I’m thankful for the amount of support that my campaign has received over the last three months,” said Jose Hernandez, candidate for Congress in California’s 10th congressional district. “These strong numbers show that Californians believe that Jeff Denham is part of the problem in Washington and won’t stand with his plans to destroy Medicare as we know it and allow for the privatization of Social Security.”

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Patty Hughes: Congressional Candidate Jose Hernandez Wins in Court! “Astronaut” Ballot Designation Stands!

Congressional Candidate "Astronaut" Jose Hernandez has won the right to use "astronaut/scientist/engineer" as his ballot designation in his run for Congressional District 10, in the heart of California's Central Valley.

Statement from Congressional Candidate Jose Hernandez in response to his victory in court defending a lawsuit challenging the validity of his stated occupation of Astronaut/Scientist/Engineer on the California ballot:
“I was never in doubt that I would be able to use Astronaut on my ballot.  From the age of nine it was a dream for me to go into Space and I look forward to trying to help others from the Central Valley reach for their dreams as well.  I am glad that common sense prevailed and we were able to defeat this lawsuit and get back to talking about real issues.”


Follow my article on Huffington Post:
Congressional Candidate Jose Hernandez: Astronaut -- Or Not?
Patty Hughes: Q: When Is An Astronaut - Not? A: When He Is Running Against A Republican

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Modesto Mayoral Election: Vote Smart - Vote Marsh Letter's to the Editor Modesto Bee

by Patty Hughes
The Central Valley's Political News Source

Setting the record straight is of major importance at election time. The contentious run-off race between Modesto City Council members, Garrad Marsh and Brad Hawn, has been a walk through muddy water for some voters.
Hawn accused by many of making false statements in his mailers: brandishing Garrad Marsh as a "Village 1 developer" so often that Hawn just may believe his statements are true; Marsh contends they are far from fact!

Some candidates are so desperate to win they will stoop to new lows to secure a vote. Who wins? Informed voters. Who loses? The candidate that is disingenuous, those voters who believe them and their community.

Just a reminder to vote smart for your future.

Last day to get your ballots in to be counted is February 7, 2012.

Letters to the Editor

Question about Hawn supporter

I found a old article in the Internet stating that a Bill Zoslocki was also a developer in the Village I project many years ago, and I think this may be the same Bill Zoslocki that endorsed Brad Hawn for mayor. If Hawn is so upset about Garrad Marsh being involved in Village I, is he as upset with Zoslocki for also being a developer in the same project? And I wonder who is on the list of Hawn's campaign donors?


Owned by developers
Looking at the mailers, it appears that Brad Hawn is outspending Garrad Marsh by 3 to 1. These are color printings, front and back, on clay finished cardstock. They don't get costlier than that. Now, Hawn says he is a small businessman, so I wonder where he gets the money for such extravagance?

According to The Bee, Hawn is funded primarily by developers. Brad wants us to know that Garrad worked with developers 20 years ago. This makes Marsh a developer, so we should vote for Hawn, a small businessman "standing up to special interests."

Sadly, it appears that Hawn has chosen the role of slimy politician, playing fast and loose with the truth. As first presented, Village I was a very attractive package, only becoming a nightmare later. Hawn claims to stand up to the "special interests." I wonder how he plans to stand up to his owners?


Zoslocki endorsement not persuasive
I am voting Garrad Marsh for mayor. While I have admired some of Brad Hawn's use of ultramarine violet in his paintings, I feel Marsh is more capable, transparent when it comes to setting the city's budget as mayor.

As someone once in the construction and development industry in our area, I discount the endorsement of Bill Zoslocki for Hawn, in the same way I didn't feel his candidacy of much service in the earlier election, where I voted for Marsh, but would have placed Hawn ahead of the third place finisher

Read more here:


Hawn takes money from developers
I just received mailers from Brad Hawn. The pure fabrications in these mailers are appalling. The pension reform measures he authored cost the city thousands of dollar to put on the ballot and cannot be implemented without union negotiation.
As the mailer states, it is true Hawn will not accept donations from any employee unions. He won't be offered any. He is not a developer, but has accepted thousands of dollars from those developers and has worked directly for them.
Hawn accuses Marsh of being a developer behind many Village I subdivisions. The only truth to that is Marsh owns several lots surrounding his home in Village I. The only person on the mayoral ballot to make hundreds of thousands of dollars from Village I is Hawn, who works directly for and whose campaign is directly financed by developers and land speculators.


Hawn voted for union contracts
I read with interest The Bee's endorsement article of Garrad Marsh for mayor. It was particularly interesting to note that Brad Hawn had voted to implement every salary and benefits package brought before him concerning public safety employees...until those said employees announced their endorsement of Garrad Marsh for mayor. Suddenly at the last possible moment he proposes ballot initiatives that while not only terribly expensive were already being resolved at the bargaining table.
Then to send out a completely misleading and erroneous mailer to coincide with the mail ballots going out shows politics as usual and politics at its worst. Please vote for the only ethical candidate, Marsh.


Attacks on Marsh were vicious
Bill Zoslocki's and Brad Hawn's attacks on Garrad Marsh (Valley Citizen online, Jan. 13) are vicious and false. At its inception, Village I land was considered marginal for growing crops (Modesto Bee, Jan. 14). Marsh invested in 25 acres, worked on annexation, sold 18 acres, moved his existing home on one lot and gifted the rest to his children (Valley Citizen online, Jan. 13). Marsh has been consistent in preserving farm land and promoting smart growth within city limits, utilizing existing sites for new businesses.

Additionally, Marsh supports pension reform, having developed his own plan. He demonstrated fiscal integrity and responsibility in opposing Hawn's expensive ballot measures as an unnecessary expenditure of public funds.

A vote for Marsh supports clean, fiscally responsible government!


She asked questions and was cut off
I was shocked to discover that Brad Hawn has blocked me from his Brad Hawn for Mayor Facebook page. I had written a few posts on there, the latest being in response to a question he posed regarding pension reform. However, he obviously did not like what I had to say and quickly deleted my questions and comments.
My concerns were valid as a taxpayer of this city. He never answered my questions, but simply deleted them as if I do not exist. Then blocked me from his page. That is not a quality I want in a leader. As a citizen of Modesto, I want a mayor who welcomes discussion and other viewpoints and who will answer the tough questions instead of pretending they don't exist.

Mr. Hawn, if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!


Read more here:

Dignity, transparency
In my nearly 40 years observing local politics in Modesto, I rarely support a candidate publicly. However, this year I am an active volunteer for Garrad Marsh for mayor. His campaign has been run with dignity and transparency. He has been an effective city councilman and a respected small businessman. His written pledge to the people is his promise to the citizens of an open government. He can be held accountable.

When I walk door to door, I reassure the voters of my trust in him.

Stamp out sprawl: Vote Marsh
Do we want to live in another San Jose, where all of the farmland has become sprawling subdivisions with all of the problems it brings? The Stamp Out Sprawl measure of 2007 passed with more than 65 percent of voters emphatically saving "No, we don't."
No way.
Do we want to have a mayor that took $15,000 from a developer? Brad Hawn! Do we want to have a mayor that is heavily backed by developers, Mike Zagaris or the Building Industry Association's past president? No way.We need to elect Garrad Marsh, co-writer of the Stamp Out Sprawl measure and long-time supporter of protecting our agricultural heritage. His main campaign theme is "build Modesto up, not out," using underutilized land within the city limits and protecting farmland. We need Marsh's vision for the best future of our region.

Read more here:

Read more here:

Monday, January 16, 2012

Modesto Bee Endorses Garrad Marsh for Mayor

Modesto Bee endorses

Garrad Marsh for mayor

In editorial, Bee says Marsh and Brad Hawn are both strong candidates

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In many ways, Modesto voters can't lose when they mark their mail ballots to pick the city's next mayor.
Brad Hawn and Garrad Marsh each appear to have what it takes to lead the city through what arguably are the most challenging times in generations.
Both have deep roots in the community, having lived and worked here for much of their lives. Both have experience in and knowledge of city government, each having served two terms on the City Council. Both have strong track records of community service. Both have demonstrated an ability to lead. Both have shown integrity in their public and personal lives.
  • Poll:
    Modesto residents: Who's getting your vote for mayor?
Watch video of Brad Hawn and Garrad Marsh discussing the issues with The Bee editorial board at
In other words, Hawn and Marsh consistently have displayed the combination of commitment, competence and character that is so critically needed in the citizens we elect to public office.
Until this week, their campaigns had been admirably positive, with each candidate focusing on his own personal strengths and plans for our city. Sadly, that ended with Hawn's release of a mailer accusing Marsh of being "a Village I developer with a questionable record and fiscally irresponsible positions" and using a Bee excerpt in a misleading way.
This isn't the first time that Marsh has been characterized as a developer, which is somewhat ironic given his strong record as a slow- or smart-growth advocate. He was a co-author of Measure E, a 2008 initiative approved by Stanislaus County voters that prohibits housing developments in unincorporated areas without a public vote. One of his campaign themes is that the city needs to grow up, not out, and he would focus on bringing a stronger mix of housing and businesses to downtown.
Each man told The Bee he expects to spend about $200,000 by the Feb. 7 election. That amount includes the four-way contest in November and their runoff campaigns. Hawn has gotten much of his financial support from developers and the business community. Marsh's top supporters include public employee unions and some in business. (A look at big donations to the candidates and all the current council members will appear on this page Sunday.)
Over their eight years on the council, served simultaneously, Hawn and Marsh have voted the same on the overwhelming majority of issues, including city labor agreements. They parted ways last summer, when Hawn proposed three advisory measures on pension reform, raising them at the final opportunity to get them on the fall ballot. Marsh opposed putting the measures on the ballot but a council majority agreed with Hawn, who has subsequently made this a key issue in his campaign.
All three measures passed, but since the council cannot make substantive changes in employee pensions outside of bargaining, the impact isn't yet clear.
In The Bee's joint interview with the two, Marsh said he would like to see the city bargain changes in the expensive benefit that allows retiring employees to trade in a day's unused sick leave for a month's health insurance coverage as well as change the ratio of employee to employer contribution to the pension program — currently the city pays the share for both.
In the interview, the candidates were cordial to each other and well informed on all the issues. But Marsh responded more directly and specifically to several of our questions — often citing his company's own business practices.
For instance, when asked whether the city should follow in the footsteps of the county and seek permanent concessions from employees, Marsh said yes, suggesting compensation reductions of up to 5 percent, either in salary or benefits. Hawn merely suggested the pension reform measures approved in November have gotten the discussion rolling for reform.
While their votes during their terms on the council are similar, Hawn and Marsh do not have matching interests.
Using his knowledge as a civil and structural engineer, Hawn has taken a very hands-on approach to many of the city's water and sewer issues over the years, far more than would be expected of an elected official. He was an initiator of the sewer bank, which allowed businesses to turn in unused sewer capacity, making it available for new or expanding businesses. He's very involved with the long-term project to recycle waste water for use on farms on the county's West Side.
Hawn also has gotten involved in neighborhood projects, including community improvement programs in the airport district. He's been interested in the mayor's position for years and started raising funds in 2009.
Marsh has been a strong supporter of arts and civic groups, hosting fund-raisers at his home and business, and serving on the boards of a number of civic groups. During budget discussions, he urged the council to protect the McHenry Museum and Mansion, saying "these are the only cultural assets we have, and we should not abandon them."
In his words and his actions — our interviews and from the council dais — over the past few years, Marsh has emphasized the need for the city to be fully transparent in how it conducts its business.
He's forthright in acknowledging that the city did not do an adequate job in verifying contractors and spending in the Neighborhood Stabilization Program. He wants city leaders to be more open about their expenses, and to that end he proposed in 2010 that the expense claims of all council members should be put on the council agenda quarterly for public review.
Restoring public support and participation in city government in the coming years is going to take many things: honesty, integrity, transparency and cooperation. It will take brave leaders and those with a creative eye toward solving some very difficult problems.
Modestans are fortunate to have two well-qualified candidates seeking the same office — a situation we hope repeats itself in the future.
That said, in light of the challenges that lay ahead and the leadership characteristics needed to meet them, we believe Garrad Marsh is the stronger of two strong mayoral candidates.
Blog Post by Patty Hughes