Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Guns & Money

I am dumbfounded by the power that the NRA holds in our political system. Just today, the strong-armed arm of the NRA wielded it’s influence on Congress, once again. This time in relation to campaign finance reform, which, in this dogs’ eyes, has no connection to gun rights. The result being, that while almost all organizations and corporations need to clearly identify themselves when advocating for a candidate or position, the NRA will be exempt.

Special, kid-glove treatment of the NRA is nothing new, and they have their influence in the pockets of politicians from both sides of the house. Paul Helmke, of the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence had this to say: "It truly is amazing. We are not talking 2nd Amendment issues at all. We are not talking gun bans or background checks. We are talking campaign finance disclosure. I have never seen this before. I have seen people get earmarks for things. Here it seems like the NRA has tooth marks instead." Or, bullet holes.As a contemplative canine, I do not understand some humans’ fixation on their firearms. And, I certainly don’t comprehend the deference these folks are given by our elected officials. This legislation, for example, has no bearing on one’s right to bear arms, yet the NRA must demand an exemption. Why the secrecy regarding who/what the NRA wants to support? This canine cranium cannot comprehend the unwavering power of gun lovers.

I understand the second amendment, but is it really a dog’s place to remind you all that the amendment is almost 220 years old? Does it take a pooch to point out that in 1791, when our Constitution was amended to include the Bill of Rights, firearms mostly consisted of single-shot rifles and pistols? Today’s NRA distorts the brilliance of the Bill of Rights, by insisting that today’s sophisticated weaponry must be included in our “right to bear arms”. The only use for today’s high-caliber, automatic weaponry is to kill...people. Not for defense, or hunting, or sportsmanship.... for war.

Currently, in multiple states, including my own beloved California, arms enthusiasts are challenging open-carry laws. Apparently, gun worshipers enjoy a little amplification with their arms, as they have chosen Starbuck’s as one of their challenge venues. In response, Starbuck’s has decided to take a neutral position, and allow firearms to be openly carried, if it’s legal in that jurisdiction.

Mama likes milk in her coffee, not guns, so our response to Starbuck’s has been to boycott, and to frequent Peet’s Coffee. Peet’s has taken the correct stand, in my opinion. They have designated their establishments as “gun free”, and for that, they get our business.

I have to say, that as a dog, I find the open-carry devotees to be fuel for my funny bone. I’m certain that for many of these open-carry fanatics, the act of sporting heavy metal around their (usually rotund) mid-sections, gives them the sense of power, superiority and virility. I think, that if their man-parts were closer in size to my own, the need to openly display their “tool” would vanish. Just a thought... and it makes me giggle.

Dear readers, I trust that your fur is not in a bundle over my opinions. I’m just a dog and have no intention of taking your precious guns away from you. Peace out, friends.

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