Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Jose Henandez for Congress Candidacy Announcement Transcript

"In the midst of economic and political turmoil, it is difficult to
imagine and embrace the fundamental values that we as Americans
believe in; the things that make our country the greatest nation on
earth. *Sadly, these tough times have made far too many middle class
families believe that the American Dream is far from reality.*

But I am writing to tell you that the American Dream does exist – "and
I am living proof of it's incredible promise."

The son of migrant-farm workers, I was able to rise from the fields of
California and touch the sky on the Space Shuttle Discovery as an
Astronaut, a lifelong goal I was able to achieve thanks to the promise
of the American Dream. *Now retired, I feel it is my obligation to
help others achieve the American Dream just like I did.*

*That's why today I am proud to officially launch my campaign for
United States Congress in California's 10th Congressional District.
Learn more about my campaign and watch our introduction video right
here:* [ ]

[ ]

I didn't achieve my dreams alone – in fact, I was lucky enough to have
the support of two loving parents and find the right government
program that would help me earn a college education: Upward Bound, a
Federal Trio program that prepares underprivileged kids for college.
*It was through that program I came to understand the important role
government has in fulfilling the American Dream for millions of
underprivileged kids.*

That's why I am running for Congress. I understand that we must start
fighting for middle class families and protect vitally important
programs like Upward Bound, Social Security and Medicare. I also
understand that Congress must start focusing on creating good jobs if
we're ever going to prove the American Dream stills exists.

But these days all we hear from Washington is how important it is to
cut these program so we can lower taxes for the wealthiest one
percent. That's the kind of unacceptable mentality that exists among
our elected leaders and it's just one of the many ways the American
Dream is under attack. *It's time we do something about that.*

*Sign-up to get involved in my campaign for U.S. Congress today and
watch our introduction video here:*

I know that if we work together, we can finally start creating jobs
and restore the American Dream for millions of middle class families
who deserve the same opportunities I had. *I hope that you will join
me in this journey.*

Thank you,

– Jose Hernandez"

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