Thursday, May 13, 2010

Arizona, The New Berlin?

I’ve been following the developments regarding the new anti-immigration law in Arizona. You know, the ones encouraging police to question anyone who they suspect to be illegally in this country. Well, from what I’ve learned, this means anyone (human or canine, I have to assume) is suspect just for looking different, or dressing a certain way. This concerns me greatly, as I am of British decent and born in Canada.

I have papers, but never carry them around with me (how would I carry them?). My distinctive look and jaunty style might scream “foreigner” to an Arizona lawman. Plus, being Canadian, I flaunt my love of hockey and Molson beer, am ridiculously friendly & courteous, and sometimes hum “O Canada” in my sleep (catchiest of national anthems, I think). I also enjoy wearing bandanas, and I hear that’s a surefire giveaway of not being native.

The design of this latest law will undoubtedly result in abuses by law enforcement. I was hoping to visit my mama’s brother and his pack in Tucson in the near future, but I just can’t risk possible incarceration, or worse. I figure if some of these nuts in Arizona don’t believe that our President’s birth certificate is valid, they will never believe mine is valid! “No! No! Arizona lawman! Please don’t take me away from my mama because of questionable papers!” Forgive me, I’m letting instinct take over. Better have my rational brain ponder this... Conclusion: Don’t travel to Arizona.

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